RF19, Countdown, Roskilde festival, Denmark

In 2019 Roskilde festival decided to move the Countdown stage to a new area on the festival. Previously, the thoughts were to have a warmup stage in the upcoming days before the main festival opened the gates. Because of the great success with the Countdown stage in 2016, 2017, and 2018, the Roskilde festival's management decided to extend the days Countdown was in use.

A new location at the festival allowed us to think in new creative ways. Stage designer Casper Damkier and I decided to work into a new layout where circles played a significant role. Furthermore, we wanted to make the feeling of having "wings" on the side of the stage. Having the wings gave the guest the impression that a stage felt more prominent than its actual size.

Since almost all the lighting products were hanging outside, we decide to go with IP65 products from SGM.

Fixtures used for the production:


24 x SGM S-4

18 x SGM G-7 Profile

12 x SGM P-6

4 x SGM P-5

6 x PAR 64

2 x MVS tour Hazer II

1 x Grand MA2 Light

1 x Green Hippotizer, Amba V4


32m2 of ROE LED Screen

1 x Martin P3 controller

Venue: Roskilde festival, Countdown stage

Scenography: Casper Damkier

Lighting design: Joachim Bay

Lighting supplier: VIGSØ