RF18, Countdown, Roskilde festival, Denmark

For the Roskilde festival 2018, I was chosen to be the lighting designer for the opening stage, "Countdown." In collaboration with the scenography Casper Damkier, we manage to create a powerful lighting production using simple elements as PVC plates in differences size and heigh. After three days of production, the stage turns into a lighting gate. From that moment all the guest was passing under the lighting gate when entered the main festival.

Fixtures used for the production:

12 x Aqua Beam 440

6 x Matin Mac Aura

12 x Chauvet NXT-1

43 x RGBW generic LED fixture

8 x PAR 64

2 x MVS tour Hazer II

1 x Grand MA2 Commandwing + faderwing

1 x Green Hippotizer, Amba V4

Venue: Roskilde festival, Countdown stage

Scenography: Casper Damkier

Lighting design: Joachim Bay

Lighting supplier: VIGSØ